FORLIFE – 德国制造

FORLIFE 公司在造口产品的研发和生产方面有着丰富经验。自 1990 年以来,在严格的卫生标准和高质量要求下,于柏林生产 STOMOCUR®产品。在生产过程中,FORLIFE 采用耐受性优异的材料,这些材料已在医疗技术方面获得认可,并能满足客户的要求。FORLIFE STOMOCUR®产品具有亲肤性好、韧性高、抗撕裂和防潮防臭的特点。产品的另一个优点是造口患者佩戴舒适。

在生产 STOMOCUR®产品的过程中,FORLIFE 将最先进的技术与娴熟的手工制作相结合。从而保证了产品独特的高质量和可靠性。在 FORLIFE 整条价值链中,生产过程均严格监控。FORLIFE 的员工深知精心生产造口护理产品对造口患者的重要性。因此,造口患者对 FORLIFE 可靠的 STOMOCUR®产品质量和舒适度充满信心。

有关产品的具体问题或订购要求,请联系 FORLIFE 中国经销商。他们将很乐意回答您的问题。

For Life Produktions- und Vertriebsgesellschaft für Heil- und Hilfsmittel mbH

Am Studio 16
D-12489 Berlin

电话:+49 30 650736-0
传真:+49 30 6572264


FORLIFE – Made in Germany

The company FORLIFE has years of experience in the development and manufacturing of stoma products. STOMOCUR®products have been produced in Berlin in accordance with high standards of hygiene and quality requirements since 1990. For this, FORLIFE relies on highly compatible and tolerated materials that have proven to be of value in medical technology and that fulfil the customers’ demands. FORLIFE STOMOCUR® products are skin-friendly, durable, tear-proof and impermeable for moisture and odours. Another positive characteristic of the products it is comfortable to wear for the person living with a stoma.

FORLIFE relies on a combination of state-of-the-art technology and proven craftsmanship in the manufacturing of STOMOCUR® products. This guarantees the exceptional quality and reliability of the products. At FORLIFE, manufacturing is monitored during the entire product process stages. FORLIFE employees know how critical the careful manufacturing of stoma products is for the person living with a stoma. That is why stoma patients place their trust in the quality and comfort of the reliable STOMOCUR® products by FORLIFE.

For questions regarding specific products or for ordering, please contact the Italian FORLIFE distributor. They will be happy to answer all your enquiries.