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We are pleased to present you the first international edition of our customer magazine in English: From now on, the FOR LIFE Courier international will provide information twice a year to everyone who is in contact with ostomy – meaning not only ostomy patients. It is equally important that information about ostomy care is given to relatives, doctors, nurses and stoma therapists, medical supply stores and pharmacies.

With this FOR LIFE Courier international, we wish to give you competent and concise information on the subject of stoma and ostomy care.

These are some topics of our current issue:

  • STOMOCUR® ostomy products have an excellent reputation.
    The successful history of FOR LIFE

  • Small amounts and chewing well
    Things ostomy patients should bear in mind about nuts and citrus fruits.

  • Not just by eye
    Stoma and opening of the base plate should match each other exactly.

FOR LIFE - Courier international, 2014, Vol. 1, 2nd Issue
FOR LIFE - Courier international, 2014, Vol. 1, 1st Issue

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